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Carbon 6 is a culmination of all things me.  The love of food, wine, art, and science.  Years of planning and thinking, then making a dream a reality.  I created a place to gather with zero fuss: drink in hand, grazing on foods with unexpected flavors while having animated conversations with friends and family.  At Carbon 6, I offer casually presented offerings of food and drink that change with the seasons, an evolving menu, because discovery is important!

People ask, why Carbon 6?  Some geeky science stuff…. Carbon binds atoms to one another.  These bonds are both strong and flexible.  Carbon in different forms can be glittering, hard, soft, or flaky… it is the backbone of every living thing.  Did I mention it loves to bond?!  Like Carbon, I believe we are better together.  I love spending time with family and friends discovering new recipes and pairing wine and beer with the food.  It’s about the discovery without the concern of right and wrong.
At Carbon 6 I honor the people who came before me, to my mom who cooked amazing recipes from around the world and to friends and family that introduced me to foods I’ve never heard of.  Much like the element Carbon, they are the backbone of my life.
Carbon 6 is located in Atascadero, a few blocks from the Sunken Gardens and nestled inside the historic Heir Johnson building.  We skip the rigid formalities of wine drinking protocols and rules because Carbon 6, after all, is the ELEMENT OF FUN!

Come hang out at Carbon 6, enjoy life, laugh, discover new friends, and explore flavors, old and new!


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A SLO local, Michelle is a passionate wine and food entuthist. Her love for the wine industry started while studying horticulture at Cal Poly. 
Her home in Central Coast is always the central hub for gatherings with good eats and drinks. Michelle's passion for food won her the Best Apple Pie at the Idler's Mom and Apple Pie Contest!

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A serious wine enthusiast! John will walk you through the delicious hand selected craft beer and wine offerings.

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